Isn't it fun to overlook Guilin in the Overlapping colored Mountains?

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Diecai Mountain is located in the north of Guilin, facing the Li River. Legend has it that Yuan Hui, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, thought that the layers of stones were horizontal, like a stack of colored satin, so he named the mountain "Diecai Mountain".

Diecai Mountain has always been known as Changshou Mountain among the people. There is a saying that "if you climb Diecai Mountain, you will live over 130 years". I don't know if climbing the Diecai Mountain will really prolong your life, but it is certain that you can see the beautiful scenery on the diecai Mountain.

Folded brocade hill is a famous mountain culture, since the tang dynasty was developed, and become the scholars who lived in ages past, government personnel's tourist attractions, such as many more people came, such as kang youwei and sun zhongshan, soong ching ling, zhu DE, mr.xu, Chen yi, deng xiaoping, and so on, there are also many foreign king and prime minister.

Walk inside to the Folding color pavilion, the folding color pavilion is located in the diecai Mountain hiking path. The board on the front is written by wang Xiju, a famous calligrapher.

Diecai Mountain is the city sunset shooting point, on the hill can overlook the whole of guilin city, panoramic view of the city, the whole Guilin city around water, thousands of peaks ring wild, a water embrace the city, "a clear wind all around the mountains, looking at the wonderland in the world".

Travel guide:

Difficulty: It is said that the altitude is more than 200 meters, but the actual height is more than 70 meters. The climb is not steep and easy.

Transportation: tour time is 60 minutes, bus No. 2 will take you to the park gate.

Admission: 35 yuan


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