Yulong River Yangshuo, Guilin Introduction

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A major tributary of Li River, the Yulong River(遇龙河) flows through some of the most beautiful Karst (limestone) landforms within Yangshuo. Locals use rafts as daily transportation up and down the river between house, markets, and rice paddies. Originally, villagers made bigger rafts and started to woo the travelers and soon it became a highlight of any visit around Yangshuo.

Yulong River  Yangshuo, Guilin  Introduction

Sitting on the reclining chair on the raft, you can enjoy an all around view of the natural, rural life down the river. Swimming is also a popular activity in this river. There are several swimming holes along the river. Swimming here is safer than in the Li River as there is a smaller current and it is not as deep.

Several bike rides and hikes also follow the Yulong River taking in local villages and rice paddies. These can be some of the most memorable days on your China experience. This 400 year old bridge is located in a beautiful setting. It is also the location for bamboo raft rides. You can get here easily by bike taking in towns like Ima which is located on the banks on the Yulong River. We definitely recommend a visit to this bridge and to incorporate it into a cycling experience around the area. There is a very good village road leading from Yangshuo. Along the way you pass through small villages and past rice paddies and you will follow the banks of the Yu Long River. Very special indeed!

For more detailed information on the Yulong River rafting, please click view our page about the Yulong River Rafting. Alternatively, you can find out about cycling options or contact us for any assistance.


On May 14,2019, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced a new batch of national tourist resorts on the 9th "China Tourism Day ", and Yangshuo Yulong River Tourist Resort became the first national tourist resort in Guangxi.Since the national standard Classification of Tourist Resorts (GB/T26358-2010) was issued and implemented,26 national tourist resorts have been launched in two batches in 2015 and 2017, and 30 national tourist resorts have been formed by adding 4 new tourist resorts.

1. Traffic:

I. How to get to Jinlongqiao Wharf

Ride route:

A. Yangshuo starts from: Yangshuo North Bus Station (Dacunmen Development Zone) take Yangshuo→Jinbao bus, get off at Jinlong Bridge (about 40 minutes,8 yuan/person), and then drift on bamboo raft.

B. Guilin departure: take the bus from Guilin to Yangshuo to Baisha Town (once every 20 minutes, about 90 minutes,10 yuan/person), and take the bus to Jinlongqiao to get off (3 yuan/person). You can also take the bamboo raft rafting, and you can also avoid the repeated journey from Yangshuo to Baisha Town.

Bicycle: Yangshuo Xijiekou rents a bicycle to step on Jinlongqiao (this section can take the highway, about 70 minutes; can also take the path, from the direction of Chaoyang wharf, about 120 minutes).Bicycles can be delivered to a rafting destination for free.

Charter: Yuetu Car Rental (Tel:0773-8887888), Master Chen (Tel:18877332002).

Drive: navigate to Jinlongqiao Wharf, Baisha Town. There is a free parking lot in the scenic spot.

2. How to return to Yangshuo from Yangshuo?

Method 1: You can rent a bicycle in the old county for about 20 yuan/vehicle (about 40 minutes) and return it to Yangshuo West Street;

Method 2: Return in the old county,50 yuan/trip (4 persons);

Method 3: You can rent a bicycle at Gongnong Bridge and return it to Yangshuo.

2. How to book bamboo raft:

1. The bamboo rafts in Yulong River do not have motors. They are all manually rowed. It is quite hard. Besides, only two people can sit on a raft. If the number of people is odd, one person should be considered to pack the raft.

2. It is strongly recommended to start drifting in Long River as soon as possible. If time permits, it is best to start at 7 o'clock (if you start from Yangshuo, take the first bus). It is quiet and the reflection on the river is clear. It is most suitable for taking photos.

3. Don't take bamboo rafts for valuables, but keep them properly. It is recommended to take waterproof bags because there are many dams along the Yulong River, which will cause water splash when the bamboo raft crosses the dam.

4. Drifting is dangerous to a certain extent, so pay special attention to your own safety. When the bamboo raft is drifting, it is best to wear a life jacket in case, and you can not take it off halfway, let alone swim in the river.When drifting, the trousers will be wet, but it will not affect the play.If the weather is cold, it's better to keep your pants high to avoid affecting the scenic spots behind.

5. The bamboo raft is only for two people.Children and adults ride the same bamboo raft. Patients with alcohol, hypertension, heart disease, cardio-cerebrovascular disease and other diseases as well as disabled people, pregnant women, children under the age of 6 and the elderly over the age of 60 can not ride the bamboo raft.

6. In Yangshuo inns and Yulong River intersections, we attract natural guests at low prices. After getting on the bamboo raft, we will ask for tips from the master, and then eat barbecue and take photos along the way. The drifting time is very short, which is not a regular raft worker. Don't be fooled by small advantages!

NO.2 Yulonghe Z-American cycling route (preferred for team construction):

Yangshuo West Street → Baisha Town → Yulong Bridge [smiling fish ]→ Yulong River down the river → Big Banyan Tree Park → Moon Mountain

From Yangshuo County to Baisha Town about 9 kilometers, left turn, about 2 kilometers, ride about 1 hour to Yulong Bridge.Overlapping mountains and clear river water, ancient stone bridge, river-side washing women, a peaceful, poetic.

There are small roads along the Yulong River and down the river. They are bumpy and sometimes they have to carry cars and walk. It is recommended to rent a shockproof car and pay attention to the rear mudguard of the car.Along the way, the scenery is beautiful, various facilities are relatively perfect, logistics supplies are adequate, you can choose to eat lunch along the way farm rice (firewood cauldron rice, Tianluo wine, shiitake yellow stew chicken, beer fish, home honey, sweet-scented osmanthus wine, all Zhuang flavor, the county can not eat.)

Back to the main road just a short walk to Big Banyan Park.Ride about 2 kilometers to Moon Mountain Park, ticket 30 yuan.

The village opposite the moon mountain is called "Tigerhead" village, along the "enjoy the moon road" to see the moon mountain, with the change of the route, the moon in front of us from surplus to deficit, from deficit to surplus.


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