Huashan Yunshe Resort Hotel, Yangshuo, Guilin,It's beautiful enough for CCTV to shoot.

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It was hidden on the left side of the top of the 20 yuan mountain, looking at the unique and majestic sea of clouds.

Looking at the Xiang Gong Mountain, one could see the sunrise just by lying down. It was a place that could overlook the panoramic view of the Lijiang River from the top of the mountain.

The boundless mirror-like waterscape created the "Sky Realm" on the peak of the mountain. It was so beautiful that even Central TV had come to view the scenery.

This was the Painting Mountain Cloud Residence.

In the painting mountain cloud house, early in the morning half lying on the bed can see the sunrise cloud sea.


Wander in the accommodation area, many people will be attracted by the large mirror waterscape, on the mountain top is called the "sky" dot, is one of the most eye-catching places in the hotel.

This boundless pool is seamlessly connected with the sky. The blue sky, white clouds and mountain peaks are reflected in the water. The painting in the sky is integrated with the painting in the mirror. No wonder it is so beautiful that even CCTV comes here to view.

The geographical location of Huashan Yunshe is unique. It is one of the rare places in Guilin that can overlook the Lijiang River from the top of the mountain. You can have a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery, including Jiuma Huashan, Huangbu's reflection (20 yuan), Chaoban Mountain, Sickle Bay, Snail Mountain, etc.


The new Huashan Cloud House opened in 2019 is a shelter in Yangshuo, Guilin.

The mountain wild luxury resort.As large as the location, as small as the details, are worthy of "high-end vacation" four words.The hotel is located on the left side of the top of the mountain, with an altitude of 398 398 meters. It is the only place in Guilin that can overlook the panoramic view of the Lijiang River. The unique karst mountain landscape takes you to enjoy the work and healing power of nature.


Hotel: Yangshuo Huashan Yunshe Resort Hotel


Address: Yangshuo Huashan Yunshe Resort Business Phone:07737268686


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