Guilin Yangshuo Master Fu Beer Fish

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Guilin Yangshuo Master Fu Beer Fish

Guilin Yangshuo Master Fu was famous for his beer fish. When you travel to Yangshuo, you have to eat beer fish. There are three chain stores in Yangshuo,

Gold Awarded Beer Fish by Grand Tutor (Xinyang Store)
Address: No.20, Anti-Japanese Road, Yangshuo Town, Yangshuo County (downstairs of Lifeng Hotel

Master Gold Award Beer Fish (West Street Center)
Address: No.110, West Street, Yangshuo County, Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (80m from the entrance of West Street)

Master Gold Award Beer Fish (Old West Street)
Address: F2-3, No.101, Building F, West Street, Yangshuo Town, Yangshuo County

Guilin Yangshuo Master Fu Beer Fish

First was Yangshuo County's most famous local dish, Yangshuo Beer Fish

The signature food of the master chef beer fish. The beer swordfish in this shop is made from the fresh swordfish in the Lijiang River and the red beer from Guilin.

Hongyanyan soup, bright-colored fish, as well as the smell of the air, let the eagle and peers in the index finger movement.After a taste, more will find: in addition to the stunning appearance, fresh and delicious fish, and no fish itself fishy smell, as expected of the Yangshuo famous dishes first.Snail brew, also known as field snail brew in Guilin, and beer fish, are the local characteristics of food.It is said that the method of screw brewing is very tedious, you need to first pick out the meat of spiral shell, and pork chopped together, and then put back into the shell of field snail, only this screw brewing can achieve the taste of tender smooth, delicious characteristics.The delicious snail meat with the refreshing Lijiang River beer, a long-winded snail, a beer, really immortal life.

Guilin Yangshuo Master Fu Beer Fish


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