Guilin Haruki Murakami Cafe, Yulong River Net Red Cafe

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Yulong River Net Red Cafe

Yulong River Net Red Cafe

A simple white cottage, a wall with a sign, in the old tree on the trunk of a swing, is also very artistic.Opposite the coffee shop is a paddy field. It is also very beautiful to take photos in autumn. Unfortunately, it is the harvest season when we go. Most of them have been harvested.

The most famous bridge on the Yulong River should be the Yulong Bridge. There were always so many tourists there. Who would have thought that there would be a stone arch bridge that was about 500 years old—Fuli Bridge. There was no noise from the wharf of the Yulong Bridge, and there was a quietness of small bridges and flowing water.The hundred-year-old tree at the bridgehead was guarding the ancient bridge. The vines had been clinging to the bridge for years and years, becoming one.



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