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Scenic spots

The two rivers and four lakes include lijiang River, Taohua River, Fir Lake, Ronghu Lake, Guihu lake and Mulong Lake in the downtown area of Guilin, which is a beautiful scenic belt around the city in the center of Guilin and also a scenic name card of Guilin. Taking a boat is the main way to visit the two rivers and four lakes, especially at night, you can enjoy the night view of Guilin from various angles.

Boat not only can visit three different characteristics of the main scenic area, namely the Chinese classic garden - banyan lake scenic area, ecological garden - county scenic area, the song dynasty history cultural park - the city of scenic area, and in the ship, can see the lijiang river on both sides of the xiangshan landmark (guilin), fubo hill, folded brocade hill, YaoShan, treasure to product the mountains, the elderly, etc more than ten famous mountain traditional, You can also see the pagoda of the Peach blossom River, Hongqiao dam, Zhuzi archway, one-foot Pavilion and other places of interest.

The night tour of the two Rivers and four lakes is a more respected way, colorful lights printed on the river, let a person feel fantastic, you can also see the wonderful performance, the content of the performance can refer to the official website of the scenic spot.

Open time

Open all year round

Preferential policy

Children: 1.2m (excluding) or less, free of charge (no seat); Children between 1.2m (inclusive) and 1.4m (exclusive) can enjoy half-price cruise routes (night tour of two rivers and four Lakes, night tour of four lakes, night tour of one river and four Lakes, day tour of four lakes, day tour of one river and four Lakes, boat tour of four lakes)

Supplementary note: the above is the preferential policy of cruise tickets in the scenic spot, only for reference.

Service facilities

Reference price: ¥10/ hour; Address: Binjiang Road liangjiang Sihu near the ticket office; Location: 100

Restrooms: There are restrooms near the scenic docks with striking signs.

Must see tips

Tickets can be booked through Ctrip or the official website, the purchase of tickets will indicate the location of the ship. It is recommended to contact the reservation hotline 0773-8980066 (9:00-20:30) in advance for consultation.

【 high-end service information 】 Two rivers and four lakes, including chartered boats, independent chartered boats

Guilin's xiangshan scenic spot of two rivers and four lakes, located at the confluence of Lijiang River and Taohua River, is the most representative scenic spot of Guilin landscape, the downtown transportation is convenient, the original xiangshan scenic spot of two rivers and four lakes scenic spot binjiang scenic spot is now merged into five A scenic spot.


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