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lottra  7个月前 Reply to the comment
Two rivers and four lakes by boat better or on foot?
moshengre  7个月前 Reply to the comment
Take a boat or walk after all, depend on your travel means completely, want comfortable, can see attraction most again is to take a boat of course. Can walk, walk or more, like to see carefully in scenic spots, on foot. There is a combination of travel time, if walking, must be a day, if the boat, as long as the evening time set aside, play good scenic spots during the day, at night just cruise. I was a cruise ship operator and thought the sights were not exciting enough for me to spend a day hiking and it was so hot
meiguosb  7个月前 Reply to the comment
Excuse me two rivers four lakes and Guilin to Yangshuo boat route difference
yingguoren  7个月前 Reply to the comment
Is it better to travel to the two rivers and four lakes by day or at night? To visit the two rivers and four lakes, is it necessary to go to Xiangshan?
tianqiore  7个月前 Reply to the comment
Good night tour, night tour scenery is better!
I personally feel that there is no need to go to The Elephant Trunk Mountain scenic area, because it is more suitable for viewing from afar. I think there is a recommendation to go to Zi Zhou Park to see the elephant Trunk Mountain, which can take a panoramic view (I did not go, not quite sure).
The original night tour of the two rivers and four lakes will pass through elephant Trunk Mountain, but recently there seems to be some problems with the water valve, not through. Want to see elephant Trunk Mountain recommend a restaurant "memory coffee elephant mountain view restaurant", in Venus royal hotel on the 6th floor. The second floor observation deck offers a 90% view of Elephant Trunk Mountain, with only a little shade from the trees. The first floor observation deck also offers a view of the Sun and moon Twin towers. You can choose to go around 5 a.m., order some coffee (taste mediocre, just for photos), and sit until 6:30 to enjoy both
aiqingf  7个月前 Reply to the comment
Guilin Yangshuo four days, how to arrange better
shenghuoren  7个月前 Reply to the comment
Guilin Yangshuo chartered car free travel, the whole independent car, driver part-time tour guide service, scenic spots play without time limit
1. Pick up From Guilin Airport (high-speed railway station) -- Elephant Trunk Mountain -- take a cruise to two rivers and four lakes in the evening -- stay in Guilin
2. Guilin Departure - One day tour of Longji Rice Terraces - Night stay in Guilin
3. Set out from Guilin -- take a boat tour of the li River, the most beautiful mountain and water in the world -- The most beautiful cave in the afternoon: Silver Rock -- Huge mountain and water performance in the evening: Impression of Liu Sanjie -- Living in Yangshuo
4. Bamboo raft rafting on Longhe River in the morning -- Paradise of Paradise -- Airport Delivery (High-speed Railway Station)
oiign  7个月前 Reply to the comment
Is it enough time to visit Guilin, Lijiang river and Yangshuo in three days?
Yangshuohumble  7个月前 Reply to the comment
The 3 days can be arranged as follows:
The first day in Guilin, stay in the hotel to rest, night tour of the two rivers and four lakes
The second day lijiang river raft swim, silver rock, evening stroll west street
The third day yulong River, ten miles gallery, xanadu return, etc
This is the basic arrangement, the classic essence of all, I hope to help you, wish a pleasant trip
yuiooa  7个月前 Reply to the comment
Recommend Yangshuo delicious non-hotshop?


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